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Last call for applications - February 1st, 2024.

What is the
Kilo Health Incubator?

Kilo Health Incubator is a 2-month challenge that invites ambitious people with an inner drive to create a successful product.

Once you get accepted into the challenge, you will get free access to Kilo Health’s know-how playbooks and mentorship, together with a niche or an idea to develop.

However, to stay in the challenge, you'll need to showcase your skills and motivation.

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Expect eliminations

Only those who turn ideas into reality will stick around

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It’s showtime

After 2 months, present your minimum viable product to the Kilo Health jury

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A golden opportunity

The winners will get an investment or a position within Kilo Health

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Welcome to the game

May the most ambitious win

Here is what you can expect

Consultations and workshops from the Kilo Health experts
Being able to use Kilo Health office space at your preferred time (evenings, weekends)
The funds needed for prototype development and testing the market
Networking with Kilo Health’s community and an exclusive chance to use Kilo Health playbooks
An office in the heart of Vilnius, complete with gym, bar, food, and coffee perks
An opportunity to find your partner in crime with whom you may continue your startup journey

Applications currently closed

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The estimated start of the first
Kilo Incubator Challenge is February, 2024.

You might be wondering

What is the duration of the Kilo Incubator Challenge?

The duration of the challenge is 2 months. However, the length of your participation depends on your success and progress in the challenge, as there will be eliminations.

Are there any fees for joining the Kilo Incubator?

No, there are no fees for joining the Kilo Incubator.

Where is the challenge taking place?

Kilo Health headquarters in Vilnius, Aludarių str.

Who can participate in the Kilo Incubator Challenge?

Any highly motivated individual who thrives on innovative ideas, even without prior experience or knowledge.

Will I get paid once I join the Kilo Incubator Challenge?

No, participating in Kilo Incubator doesn’t grant compensation. However, we will provide participants with funds and additional resources to build a product prototype, conduct marketing tests, and hire freelancers. Additionally, winners will receive further investment to continue with their startup idea or be offered a position at Kilo Health.

Will I need to leave my full-time job?

Managing the Kilo Health Incubator Challenge alongside your current position is possible, as you can work in the evenings and even on weekends. Just be sure to plan your time effectively.

Do I need to have a pre-existing startup idea to participate?

No, Kilo Health will provide a direction, an idea, or a niche to work on. But you can always prove us wrong with your own ideas.

What happens after the 2-month challenge is completed?

The winners will get an investment to further develop the product, or a chance to work in Kilo Health. Even if you don't secure a job or investment as a winner, you'll gain a unique experience and knowledge that can prove valuable in developing your future products.

How much investment is Kilo Health planning for the products under development during the challenge?

During the challenge, Kilo Health will invest up to 500.000 EUR in the products being built, providing a significant opportunity for participants to bring their innovative ideas to life.

Will I be working alone?

No. All participants will be merged into groups of 2-3 people.
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Have more questions?

Contact Kilo Health Incubator Host Ugnė Čivilė